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Repeat prescriptions

Here you can find out how you can order your repeat prescriptions and arrange your annual medication review.

You can find out more by clicking on the links.

Annual medication review

If you are you taking regular medicines, please ensure you have an annual medication review. You can now do this with our prescribing Clinical Pharmacist who specialises in reviews. Feel ... [continue] Annual medication review

Holiday prescriptions

NHS Rules state that up to 3 months prescriptions can be issued by a Doctors Surgery. Any additional medication beyond that for longer trips will need to be paid for ... [continue] Holiday prescriptions

How to order your repeat prescription

The easiest way is to register with the NHS APP  or register for online services (username and password protected) through our Receptionist at Ridge Green or Freshbrook Surgery. Please bring some ... [continue] How to order your repeat prescription

Prescription delays

Sometimes there is a delay in getting your medicines together (the vast majority are processed the same or next day). Prescribing errors are some of the commonest problems in the ... [continue] Prescription delays

Private prescriptions

Sometimes patients have medicine prescribed to them at a private consultant appointment. There is no obligation to provide this medication on an NHS prescription. However decisions are made on a ... [continue] Private prescriptions

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 7th June, 2021