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Annual medication review

If you are you taking regular medicines, please ensure you have an annual medication review. You can now do this with our prescribing Clinical Pharmacist who specialises in reviews. Feel free to discuss concerns about medication even if your review is not yet due. Please make sure you have your review on or before it is due – you can check this date on your prescription repeat list – the date is there against each medicine.

Get refills of your regular medication – Normally next day but can take 48 hours if there are queries that need to be sorted out by our medical team. Please only request what you need – help us avoid waste.

You can request your regular medication for up to 1 year of medicine. You can reauthorise a further years supply by having a medication review anytime with our prescribing clinical Pharmacist.

You will need to make an appointment with our pharmacist for your review. Please do so once a year to renew your medicines.

AVOID WASTE: do your bit. Remember to order only what you need and have a medication review annually with us.