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Freshbrook 01793 870494
Test Results 01793 874894 (after 11am)

Access your healthcare online- a quick guide

Here is a few ways you can get help from us

We recommend the following apps for your smartphone to have handy and registered.

  1. Patchs – online messaging to Ridge Green for advice, sick notes, queries and consultations.
  2. Livi – book GP consultations within 3 days – including evening and weekends
  3. Airmid – for access to your medical records, request medication and see online  blood results
  4. NHS App – to register with a new GP or access medical records.

Systmonline users: – you can continue to use this service but any password resets will need to be done in person at Ridge Green (Airmid , NHS app and the other apps above can all be reset remotely)

Need to see your Blood results ?
use Airmid: medical record > test results
SystmOnline – test results
NHS App: view your GP Health Record > test results

Date published: 7th December, 2023
Date last updated: 7th December, 2023