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Blood test appointments

These are offered at Ridge Green by our trained phlebotomist. To make an appointment please talk to our receptionist.

Both Fasting and Non Fasting blood tests are done.

Having a ‘Fasting’ blood test?

Please ensure you have plenty of water to drink only on the morning of the test.
Please do not have a breakfast or milk or sugar in your drink.
Please delay taking any diabetes medicines (if that applies to you) until after the appointment.

The blood sample is taken from the arm using a cuff. Sometimes it will be necessary to attempt a sample from the hand if you have particularly difficult veins.

Are there any risks?

This is a very safe and usually straightforward procedure that should pose no untoward effects. Occasionally people do feel feint with needles – please let us know if this applies to you.

Very rarely a small bruise or some tissue damage might occur at the site of venipuncture. Also very rare but It is possible to sometimes injure a nerve- this will cause tingling an severe pain which does not settle after 48 hrs. In the unlikely event that this unusual complication occurs then you may require a minor operation to repair the damage. We hope you understand however that problems are unusual and that this is a safe test.