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About Us:

Established in 2001 Ridge Green was started with the intention of providing personal medical care in modern comfortable offices.
A New practice started with just 15 patients in 2001
Now grown to over 10,700 patients registered. Established across 2 sites we now provide a range of clinical services with the focus of a learning organisation continually improving our quality.
We are committed to the NHS patient charter and to the 2000 white paper providing for high quality health care closer to home.

CQC summary

Full report is available to view on the cqc website and is available in pdf HERE

Freshbrook Branch Surgery

Ridge Green and Freshbrook amalgamated in 2008. Since then we have unified the services. Now Freshbrook and Ridge Green Patients are able to use both sites as their own.

Freshbrook branch is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The main site at Ridge Green is open throughout the week.

Just as other parts of the country are facing difficulties with recruiting doctors, Ridge Green and Freshbrook have joined forces to maximise the services we have available to offer our patients. We would like to thank our staff and patients for helping make this service the best we can under difficult circumstances.

Why is there difficulty recruiting doctors? - here are some articles that will help you understand what General Practice is facing in the UK:

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Recruitment Crisis in our area
Fall in recruitment of GPs
Fall in applications to training places